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About me

A native resident, Stacie has been designing gardens and landscapes for twenty years in the Pacific Northwest. Inspired by contemporary Mediterranean gardens, Stacie specializes in drought tolerant, low-maintenance, environmentally friendly garden and landscape designs. She is a strong believer of working closely with the homeowner to create a garden that is appropriate for their wants and lifestyle. No matter the size of the project, the process is always the same on attention to detail.


Outside of private projects, Stacie continues the Pacific Northwest gardening legacy by acting as a Trustee at the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island. She also enjoys teaching classes and workshops to Horticultural institutions and the public. Her garden has been the spokes-garden for Seattle Public Utilities for their Saving Water Partnership campaign. Stacie is also a Contributing Editor for Fine Gardening magazine.

When Stacie is not immersed in the gardening world, she enjoys kayaking, hiking, and spending time with her family at her home in Edmonds, Washington.


Bloedel Reserve, Historic Dunn Garden, Northwest Horticultural Society, Northwest Perennial Alliance, Hardy Plant Society of Portland, Bellevue Botanical Garden Society, Garden Conservancy, American Horticultural Society.

Stacie Crooks



Jeffrey J. Donchez

Donchez Law Firm


An amazing and intuitive designer, Stacie Crooks added elegance and curb appeal to our pedestrian looking 1978 rambler. Her use of native plants and environmentally friendly watering design will add considerable enjoyment and value to our home for decades to come. A pleasure to work with, Stacie was responsive to our needs during the project  and receptive to our ideas and expectations.  Attention to detail and a hands on approach is her hallmark.


My wife and I are collectors of northwest artists and art. We usually add one piece to our art collection every year. This year we added a Crooks designed landscape as a piece of living and growing art. Well done, Stacie!



Jed Miller AIA
CASA Architecture


I have had the opportunity to work with Stacie on a large residential project on Whidbey Island.

She was a delight to work with and she developed a great working relationship with the client.

She brought to the table great landscape design ideas and expertise in handling the installation and supervision of the landscape materials. She continues to provide service to the client with ongoing maintenance and landscape design. I would not hesitate to recommend her again. 

Elizabeth Fox

Senior Manager, Sales Enablement and Communications at Tripwire

From the moment I met Stacie, I knew she was the person with whom I wanted to work to design my garden. She was personable, knowledgeable, and creative. We shared similar gardening philosophies - I wanted a low maintenance, drought tolerant garden full of indigenous species with lots of color, texture and fragrance. What Stacie provided was a vision for my garden which supplied all of that and more. My garden was very low maintenance and there was something blooming year round. She listened to what I wanted and then translated it to a living work of art. In addition, she worked extremely well with other contractors to implement it. It was a beautiful garden in all four seasons. I moved and hired Stacie again to design a garden for my new house. This time, I did the planting as I was no longer in the Seattle area. It was a very easy and economical solution for me as Stacie drew up plans to help guide me. I would definitely use Stacie again and would recommend her to anyone - she is truly one of the best in the business!

Steve Aitken

Editor, Fine Gardening 

Taunton Press


Whenever I close my eyes and picture my dream garden, it always looks like something Stacie designed. I am envious of her ability to perfectly place every plant so that both the small scene and the big picture are breathtaking. That she is committed to low maintenance and low water use only makes every design even more special.

Debra Prinzing

Stacie takes comfort in knowing that her pioneering design philosophy is beginning to inspire some to try a different way of gardening. Dwindling water supplies and global warming may influence others. “Eventually, everyone will have to garden the way I do – they won’t have a choice,” she says. Lucky for us, she proves sustainable can be beautiful too.

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