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Fine Gardening
November 2023

So Long Lawn - This low care front garden proves you don't need turf to make a good first impression.
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Fine Gardening
December 2022

Designing a Beautiful Back Border by Stacie Crooks.
Learn how to hide a fence by creating a year-round bed with interesting plant shapes, colors and textures.
Fine Gardening
June 2021
Design Like A Pro - 10 Tips to a Great Garden
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Garden Gate
January 2021
Five Steps to a Layer Border
Fine Gardening
June 27, 2020
Splurg Plants
A plant that is worth risking embarrassment for.

Seattle Times

October 5, 2019

Heroic heaths and heathers go all out, all year with brilliant flowers and foliage.

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Garden Gate

February 1, 2019

Garden tips and ideas that will turn your dream garden into reality.


Fine Gardening

February 1, 2019

Heaths and Heathers, by Stacie Crooks

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Growing a Greener World -

Sustainable Landscape Design

February 3, 2018

Watch this episode featuring Stacie Crooks.

Growing a Greener World, GGWTV

Episode 910


The Seattle Times

Pacific Northwest Magazine
July 2, 2017

An enhancing garden in Innis Arden

By Valerie Easton


Designer Stacie Crooks has planted a low-growing tapestry of colorful foliage plants to serve as a foreground to the view of Puget Sound.


October 11, 2018

Your Check list - Rite of Passage



August 1, 2017

Northwest Garden Checklist - The Lust Look

Stacie Crooks replaces a thirsty lawn with a colorful

quilt of low-water plants.

a) IMG_8805 219KB (1).jpg

Fine Gardening
June 2017
Issue 175

Create a gorgeous low-maintenance design by Stacie Crooks


Seattle Times.jpg

The Seattle Times 

Pacific Northwest Magazine

October 20, 2016

Design Pro Stacie Crooks plants what she preaches in her Edmonds garden.

by Valeria Easton

sunset go big wtih foliage photo DSC_028


Go Big With Foliage - 10 Ways to kickstart your spring garden. What to plant now for a garden full of beautiful blooms.

Resized Seattle homes and lifestyles pub


The Art and Science of Smart Gardening

April 2007

Designed for Drier Times

By Valerie Easton

Facing the reality of her climate, Stacie Crooks traded her lawn for a garden that needs little water, but overflows with flower, foliage and fragrance


April 2011

Eco-friendly Design Tips

"A healthy well-designed garden is self-sustaining and beautiful."

Stacie Crooks




Fine Gardening

August 31, 2014

The Best of Fine Gardening - Container Gardening

Designer Q&A with Stacie Crooks.

Sunset Western Garden book of Landscapin


Western Garden Book of Landscaping

Many examples of Crooks Garden Design in this book.

by Jim McCausland

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Fine Gardening

November 30, 2014

Issue 160

Designing an Intimate Space

by Stacie Crooks

Any area can become a cozy, private retreat if you use these principles.

resized cover for the Fall FIreworks pag

Fine Gardening

Fall Fireworks

October 31, 2006

Issue 112

These six combination strategies help end the season with a bang.

By Stacie Crooks

The Best of Fine Gardening - The Autumn Garden 2010

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Western Garden Book of

Easy Care Plantings


The Ultimate Guide to Low-Water Beds, Borders, and Containers.

There are many examples of Crooks Garden Design throughout this book.

IMG_8988 2.JPG


Western Landscaping

Companion to the best-selling Western Garden Book

Revised and updated.

There are many examples of Crooks Garden Design throughout this book.

Stacie Crooks garden- Seattle Times Paci

The Seattle Time

Pacific Northwest Magazine

November 22, 2015

Plant a Garden you will enjoy from inside your Home

By Valerie Easton

It's easy to plant a garden you'll enjoy looking at even when the cold, wet weather keeps you indoors.

IMG_8985 (1) 2.JPG

Fine Gardening

January 31, 2013

Issue 149

Container Designs Built to Last

You'll save time and money if you don't start from scratch every spring.

Cover Photo - Crooks Garden Design


"Sunset On a Garden"

by Christine Salwitz,

'Personal Garden Coach'


September 6, 2013

Stacie Crooks Landscape Design

Elegant Plant Combinations for Garden and Containers


The Blodel Reserve:

Quietly Magnificent


Garden Notes - Northwest Horticultural Society

By Stacie Crooks & Sue Nevler

"A place where people find refreshment and tranquility in the presence of natural beauty."

- Prentice Bloedel


The Plant List

A companion to the

Choosing the Right Plants Natural Lawn & Garden Guide

Discover a better way to beautiful!

Saving Water Partnership - Seattle Public Utilities


Fine Gardening

Garden Photo of the Day

Winter gardens of fragrance and texture will capture attention.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.08.32 PM_ed

Seattle Homes and Lifestyles

April 30, 2008

Water Wise and Wonderful

By Debra Prinzing

Low Water Garden Design


The Seattle Times 

Pacific Northwest Magazine

August 7, 2004


Dry Profusion

By Valerie Easton

An experiment in drought tolerance settles for nothing less than lush.

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