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Garden Consultation

Photo by David E. Perry

• Provide an assessment of areas of concern.

• Advice on care and maintenance of existing plant material.

• Suggestions for additions to the garden or editing.

• You’ll be encouraged to take notes during consultation.

A written evaluation will not be provided.

*Consultations are a minimum of 2 hours. Travel time is included.

Garden Coaching

• Usually single project driven.

• Teach you how to approach a garden project.

• Help making decisions on plant choices. 

• Help with selecting plant material at a nursery.

• Help with container design: selection of container,

  plants, and instruction on installation.         

*Garden Coaching projects are a 2 - hour

minimum. Travel time included. Fees upon request.

Garden Audit

• This is similar to a Garden Consultation, but with more detail. A Garden Audit may include a written evaluation of your landscaped property. The scale of the property determines time required for this process.

*Approx. 6 to 8 hours

Photo by David E. Perry

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